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Butch Fitzsimmons
Monroe County Legislature
District 15
Western Webster
& Western Penfield

  • Transparency in Government

    Open or Close
    Make budget and development plans open to the public. I pledge to share budget information with constituents.
    I pledge to provide District Meet n Greets where I will share budget and development visions to members in LD-15. This includes efforts at county level to address voter disenfranchisement caused by Citizens United. This will also provide an opportunity to hear solutions from residents because we never know where good ideas come from.

    At the most recent county legislature session when the budget needed approval the legislature received the budget the same day a vote was required by state law. This meant there was only a few hours to read this multi page document. There is no way such an important document could receive appropriate scrutiny in that period of time.

    Add to this the document was never shared in any open town hall events by local legislators. This is something I will do. This will provide openness and transparency to tax paying citizens.
  • Fiscal Responsibility

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    Fight to reduce government waste by strengthening anti-corruption oversight and prioritizing citizen involvement in the decision making process

    Ensure monies appropriated by county legislature are spent for their desired purpose. An example of the misuse would be the allocation of more than 500 positions and then diverting the money elsewhere.
  • Enhancing Quality of Life

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    Work with our community to improve our public amenities such as education, housing and health care for the benefit of our children, seniors, and families. Eliminate the stigma that has led to the opioid crisis, by focusing on treatment verses punishment.
  • Economic Growth by Harnessing New Markets

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    Save tax dollars by investing in renewable energy technologies at the municipal and residential level which will create new local jobs that cannot be outsourced.

    Products such as electric vehicles and components such as batteries and control systems will be the new markets. Either we purchase them from somewhere else or we make them here.

    This MIT study claims we are the place for such investments creating those opportunities
  • Early Voting

    Open or Close
    Early voting is occurring in NYS for the first time. There are seven locations in Monroe County to choose from with dates and times early voting is available. Please check the list below.
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The lines that are used to divide us are the lines we will use to unite us

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