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My name is Butch Fitzsimmons. Together, my wife Jennifer and I raised five sons and are proud grandparents of two. Raised on a farm, I milked cows, planted & harvested, baled hay and pitched manure. I spent more than fifteen years coaching youth in Sodus Little League Baseball, Soccer and High School Wrestling. Our teams worked together sometimes taking first place in their division or the Wayne County Championship. I have more than 15 years with the Boy Scouts of America as Assistant Scout Master and also earning Wood Badge (adult equivalent to Eagle Scout). For more than 20 years I have enjoyed being active in both the Jr and Sr High Science Olympiad Competitions as Mentor and Judge for local as well as state competitions.

Vietnam era Army Veteran, 82nd Airborne, PIR 5th Special Forces Panama who obtained my AAS Electronic Technology degree at MCC and continued my higher education at RIT specific to hardware and software design & development, all with the help of the GI Bill. I parlayed that education into a research and design career at Eastman Kodak where I continued to increase my skill set through practical experience which is now the foundational basis of my small business.

While a resident of the Village of Sodus Point, I worked on a Master Plan, a Waterfront Revitalization Plan while serving on the Planning Board. I have served as Democratic Committee Leader for the Towns of both Sodus and Webster.

Jennifer and I own a small local business. Currently, we have a co-patent for a Local Vehicle Interface, two fully published patents addressing both TSA & DHS directives for situational awareness, response & preparedness and integrated physical security solutions, as well as a copyrighted telecom application and we are preparing to file another patent.

This history is who I am. I seek solutions to benefit the greater good. Solutions come from many directions. When we listen to each other and work together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

We used to think big and made it to the moon and beyond. Now, we cannot even fill in potholes. Our previous generation led Monroe County’s grand ideas and aspirations creating the first subway system west of NYC. Now, what passes for grand ideas and vision from our local leaders is to fill those subways with dirt and sell off public land.

Working together, supporting one another other, creating instead of dividing are paths forward to solutions I can support. Join us and lets see where we go!

obile: 585-635-8981

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